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Step 1:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
OEM activated
download the Torrent here
Step 2:
Then use Limewire, vuze, or bitlord to run the torrent to download windows 7. This is Free, you will be connected to a worldwide network which will enable you to download windows 7 ultimate 32 and 64 bit using this torrent, just run any of the 3 programs and open up the torrent file that you downloaded above and it will download the full version @ 3.84gb.
Download - Limewire
Download - Vuze

Step 3:
After you are done downloading windows 7.
1) downloading the .ISO file
2) Download "power iso" ->>
3) install power iso.
4) burn into a blank DVD -/+to obtain Windows 7 Ultimate FULL activated.